It’s #garden time, and Claire from #Foo

It’s #garden time, and Claire from #FoodsSmith shares tons of beginner tips in this new #getfresh video, up today!

How I Improved My Back-Bending Postures

How I Improved My Back-Bending Postures – New video up on!

Registered Holistic Nutritionist In Training – First Day of School

Whole Food Lunch

I had my first day of school at The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition yesterday, and among the many challenges I’m sure I’ll tackle through the course was an aching back and ass from sitting so long on a hard chair.

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Master Your Mind, Master Your Behavior

Last weekend I finished an empowering workshop called ‘Master Your Mind, Master Your Behaviour’.

I felt high afterward, like I could take on the world – and all my goals – at the same time.

But I must say, I’ve felt that before and it’s been fleeting. So I waited a week to post about my revelations to see what the lasting effects would be.

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Yoga and Meditation Tips to Eliminate Distraction and Boost Productivity


One of the main benefits of yoga is improved focus and concentration.

Cultivating these virtues allows us to expand and improve in our careers, relationships, education and personal development, not to mention our yoga postures.

I did a guest post today on with my top tips to improve workplace focus and productivity. They are all inspired by over seven years of teaching yoga and practicing meditation.

I hope you like them! Feel free to share them to all who would benefit.



7 Quick Tips for Eliminating Distractions on

The Vegan Project – Good Food and Good Intentions

Beet Greens on Toast

I’ve been asked a lot lately if I post recipes on Peace and Hotness, and although food is a key part of my philosophy for overall health and well being, the recipes that you’ll find for now on this site will be links to The Vegan Project, like the one above, Beet Greens on Toast with Tomato Salsa.

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How To Get Organized Despite Your Resistance

Getting Things Done

Cleaning up is hard to do.

For years, I was obsessed with the idea of organization…in theory, not necessarily in practice.

This created a lot of torment for me, because when your ideals don’t match your reality, the disparity can cause a lot of stress.

Until recently, every time I stepped into my tangle of a garage, couldn’t find a file folder, or misplaced a receipt for a big ticket item, I could feel my cortisol levels rising. But I kept resisting ‘Project Clean Up’ because I felt I had more important things to do, and I just didn’t have the time to take on such a grand project.

Fortunately I got over my issues.

If you want to experience more peace in your life – as most of us do – operating in a clean, tidy and organized environment is a must.

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